Peter Hills Church of England School

TEAMGA (Year 6)

Year 6 is an exciting year with a packed calendar of activities as we celebrate the childrens’ last year of primary school and prepare them for the transition to secondary school. We follow the statutory scheme of work set by the government, and personalise the Peter Hills curriculum to ensure the learning is engaging, fun and relevant to the children. SATs form part of this important year - these assessments are taken in May and will determine whether a child has met the 'expected' level in English and Maths. This will help their teachers support your child’s learning in future schools, and form part of your child’s learning profile as we consider their learning in class and social development. We are preparing for SATs as normal this year. 

There is a wide range of expectations for the children in both Reading, Writing and Maths, and we will make sure the learning is practical and considers real-life experiences in order for the children to understand the relevance of what they are learning. Kagan cooperative learning is used across the school and we maintain this method in year 6 as it is exciting, fast paced and ensures all children are participating.

Of course, a big part of your child’s summer term in Year 6 will be preparing for the move to secondary school — a huge milestone in their lives. We support the children as much as possible to ensure that they are prepared as much as possible for this transition. Part of our learning will include LIfe Skills where we look at things children may encounter across the next few years, and how to approach these different issues (such as social media use and healthy choices).

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