Peter Hills Church of England School

Year 6

 Year 6 is an exciting year with a packed calendar of fun activities. We not only follow the statutory scheme of work set by the government, but we make sure learning is personalised, fun, creative and thematic. Of course, the SATS are a part of this important year - these assessments are taken in May and will determine whether a child has met the 'expected' level in English and Maths.

There is a wide range of expectations for the children in both Maths and English, with some of the content previously covered in Year 7 being moved down to Year 6.

To ensure our learning remains valuable to the children, we aim to make lessons as practical as possible, using real-life experiences to keep engagement high. As with all other classes in the school, we use Kagan cooperative learning to ensure that excitement is kept high.

We have an overarching project that runs throughout the whole year. The children pick this project and we work on it at our own pace, adding in elements of the National Curriculum where we see fit. This project enables the children to take ownership of their learning and the direction it will take.

Of course, a big part of your child’s summer term in Year 6 will be preparing for the move to secondary school — a huge milestone in their lives. We work with the children to ensure that they are prepared as much as possible for this transition. Workshops including CSE, Travel Training, Bikeability (subject to these course running in 20/21) and many others are organised to ensure the children leave us with the knowledge and understanding of how to keep themselves safe in life ahead.

Please find a range of links to help your child with their learning over the year:

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