Peter Hills Church of England School

Year 5

 Year 5 can be a calm and studious year; a year to embed all of the knowledge learnt in lower Key Stage 2; a year to start the preparations for the transition to secondary school. This is often a year when children grow in maturity — sometimes even more so than in their final year in primary. They gain greater independence and confidence from being given more responsibility in their learning.

Children in Year 5 are increasingly encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning: to do their homework, to pack their school bag, to remember their PE kits. It is about encouraging independence in preparation for bigger things to come.

Children are natural inquirers. Every day, they’re putting their critical thinking skills into practice, even more so in Year 5, and this ability to think critically is an asset that will stand your child in good stead as they move through primary school, into secondary and throughout their adult lives.

In Year 5 we strive to deliver a curriculum that contains excitement and enjoyment, one that is real and engaging, that it is ever-evolving and varied. Pupil voice is a fundamental aspect of our school and we promote pupils to have ownership of the learning taking place. We ensure time is made for pupils to reflect on their own learning and the learning of others. Most importantly we have fun with our learning.

As with every other year, the government have set out statutory schemes of learning that must be taught in Year 5. There is an expected standard to reach by the end of the year and most teachers will make assessments throughout the year to judge how your child is performing, and whether they are on track to achieve the ‘expected standards’ for Maths and English.