Peter Hills Church of England School

Year 4


Year 4 is all about laying the foundations for the final two years of KS2. Skills learned, in this year, are built upon, and added to, in Years 5 and 6.

In Maths, children will consolidate many skills they will have learned in Year 3, and they will gain greater depth in these. Skills covered include the use of the four main calculation skills (addition/subtraction/multiplication and division), a more thorough look at fractions, and decimals, and how to use this knowledge to solve problems.

In English, we will explore themes in a range of exciting novels. Children will begin to develop comparative literary skills and begin to put the knowledge of a range of writing genre into practice. Science, as a core skill, is relished in Year 4, and we plan a multitude of inspiring experiments, to complement each topic, plus trips to sites of scientific interest, in and around London.

Foundation subjects, such as geography and history are taught, taking the students' interests into account. These subjects are taught on alternate terms.

As a Church of England School, RE is central, but we also make regular reference to British Values in this subject, as well as in PSHCE. However, one of the most exciting aspects of Y4 is the Summer Term Residential trip. Usually, this is to PGL, Marchants Hill. The class will spend two nights away from home, learning resilience, independence, and just having fun.