Peter Hills Church of England School

Year 2/3

Year 2/3 is a great year for many reasons! We are able to bridge the gap, that many children faced during the school closures, by a rigorous consolidation of KS1 skills. This will allow the Year 2 children quickly progress and the Year 3 children to access KS2 with a deeper understanding. We ensure that learning is fun and engaging; whether this is through the use of Kagan cooperative learning structures, trips or hands-on activities to excite young minds.

In Maths, children are able to use their skills learnt in Year 1 and 2 to support with their understanding when problem-solving and explaining their solutions. Through practical experiences, children are able to explore the real-life context behind calculations. In English, we encourage children to be independent and creative writers. We explore a range of non-fiction and fiction genres in more detail; studying a range of texts and look at themes of emotion in popular fiction.

Science is a core skill, one where children are able to develop a range of skills in order to answer questions about the world around them, including organising, recording, observing, testing, enquiring and investigating. Children are often asked what it is they are interested in learning about in terms of the world around them too; shaping our learning in Geography and History. 

Our understanding of the world is further widened through RE and PSHCE. As a Church of England School, both Christian and British values are key, yet we also take pride in our tolerance of different beliefs; learning about Islam and Buddhism. Respect, responsibility, honesty, trust, and friendships underpin our learning and help us to be the best we can be. We are a team!