Peter Hills Church of England School

More able

At Peter Hills, we provide a rich and varied curriculum that can be accessed by all, regardless of ability, across a range of subjects.Our teachers assess learning and achievement continually which enables them to identify children who are excelling or have the potential to excel. Our children are provided with opportunities for extension on a daily basis, which could include:

- extension questions to deepen thinking

- given in depth texts to read

- an opportunity to problem solve

- participation in competitions.

We work with other schools in Southwark Church Schools group to provide a variety of opportunities for those we have identified as more able. Examples of these events include: an art day with a specialist art teacher; an investigative Science workshop and a KS1 maths investigation session.

English and Maths

We run several interventions for our more able pupils. Miss Ashman (Y4 teaching assistant and ELSA lead) works in classes across KS1 and KS2 on a weekly basis, providing individualised support for greater depth writing. Mrs Taylor (Y5 teaching assistant and maths support lead) runs a weekly greater depth maths group across KS2.

 There are a range of helpful websites that you might like to look at, including links to organisations.

Potential Plus UK runs events for parents/carers and children. They have an events diary and online booking system on their website. Parents/carers of young children aged 0-5 may also be interested in Potential Plus UK’s e-zine called SPARK. this is the independent charity that supports the social, emotional and learning needs of children with high learning potential of all ages and backgrounds. There is information about children and young people who have been identified as gifted and talented, as well as those that (i) have the ability to achieve; but who, for whatever reason, are not achieving their potential, (ii) those who are dual and multiple exceptional (gifted with a disability or learning difficulty) and (iii) the profoundly gifted this is an American organisation with information, advice and guidance about the social and emotional needs of gifted learners Profoundly Gifted and Exceptional Youth is a voluntary organisation with worldwide contacts in the field of exceptionally and profoundly gifted young people. They aim to  support profoundly gifted children and their families; to influence strategy in schools and to support research