Peter Hills Church of England School


Our Approach

Across KS2, we place a heavy emphasis on high standards in all subjects, and foster a cross-curricular, engaging approach to the delivery of these. There is a focus on making core subjects relevant to life outside the classroom. City Maths, is a fun way of encouraging pupils to see real-life contexts for key learning, particularly when it comes to calculation

skills and measure, such as money, time and distance. Taking each class to a local area, such as Canary Wharf, or the South Bank, generates important discussions around why Maths is central to living our daily lives, from planning a journey to the weekly budget for the

average household. With the need to raise attainment in, so called, vulnerable groups of pupils (those that require greater attention), and increase awareness of transferability of skills, whether during a core-subject lesson or a foundation subject such as art, we use the theory of ‘catastrophic interference’ to keep children on their toes. This may be by randomly getting children out of their seats to take part in a grammar based, sentence structure game, or a 5 min team investigation using number skills.

Well-being in KS2

Of course, realising all children’s academic potential is central to our ethos in KS2, and at Peter Hills, as a whole, but we are also passionate about cultivating positive, dynamic and confident citizens. The world is changing rapidly around us, thanks to technology, and ever-newer skills that are required of us to make us desirable employees. As a result of rapid change, the outside world, especially a metropolis such as London, can seem daunting to young people. Therefore, we believe that pastoral skills are providing strategies for calm and focus are integral to our daily time-table. Therefore, a range of brain breaks are built into everyday sessions, from breathing and stretching exercises to movement and team strategies. 

With safe-guarding at the forefront of our minds, in pastoral terms, we also educate the children in keeping themselves safe, with programmes such as Hedgehogs, in Year 5, aimed at arming children with strategies to protect themselves and inform a trusted adult, should they ever feel at risk or uncomfortable in any situation.

In addition to this, we want to enhance children’s awareness of the environment; physical and natural. Since January 2016, we have been working closely with ‘Father Nature’; a charity dedicated to the beautification, harmonisation, of inner-city areas, cultivating green spaces for all to enjoy. Recently, Years 4 and 5, have designed and created a graffiti-style mural with local graffiti artists, that reflects our Christian Values.

Further to this, we are proud of the young citizen we are guiding, and want to share our ethos with the world. String international links are currently being fostered, with Spain, India, and Finland. Watch this space!